Ethical Lending
Sharia Bridging Finance

Demand for Islamic finance is growing rapidly, as investors seek a means to fulfil commercial objectives while complying with Sharia principles and ethical standards. This requires that an investor cannot “make money from money”, therefore earning interest is prohibited. Islamic finance shares similar foundations to ESG investing more broadly, such as seeking to support socially desirable outcomes. Both products appeal to Muslim and non-Muslim investors alike. Islamic finance products are open to people of all faiths.

Our product and how it differs from a traditional bridging loan

Our Sharia bridge finance product uses the Murabaha method. Via this method, the finance provider enters into a purchase of commodities on spot basis and on-sells the commodities with a mark-up on a deferred basis.

For example, the financier will buy a commodity (typically a metal) on the open market, then sell this commodity to the customer. Thereafter, the commodity will be sold to a third party, granting the customer the finance they require as a result. The prices and payment schedules are all fixed. The method we use removes any uncertainty in the transaction and the fixed profit element is agreed and capped from the outset, thus protecting the customer.

In summary, the process is as follows:

What makes Sharia bridging finance compliant

Sharia bridging finance must comply with the following:


The Sharia Supervisory Board compromised of qualified Ethical and Islamic finance experts and scholars will be overseeing and monitoring our operations. The Sharia Supervisory Board will be appointed auditors and will conduct regular audits to ensure all transactions meet the required standards and are fully compliant according to the Islamic finance principles. We will be fully transparent to auditors allowing access to our systems and any transaction related documentation.

Amanah Advisors will serve as our Sharia board. Amanah Advisors are a global Sharia advisory firm – providing an end-to-end Sharia advisory service for corporates, organisations, businesses, investors and asset managers.