We are a specialty alternative lender, specializing in strategic investments within the real estate credit landscape. We particularly focus on short term residential and commercial real estate bridge lending and developments in the UK market.  As opposed to many of our peers, we are self-funded and do not fully rely on external credit lines from third party borrowers, allowing us to be in control of every aspect of our value chain. This set-up also helps us in in being swift and flexible when approaching our client’s needs, enabling us to provide terms in less than 24 hours and deploy funds in less than a week.  Our structure gives us a significant market advantage and has contributed to the widely coveted reputation we enjoy for a quick turnaround, allied to the clear, open and honest communication we bring to the loan process.

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Our residential bridge loans can help clients in a variety of situations. They are designed to be delivered quickly, with the maximum flexibility and afford borrowers certainty in a property transaction. We often take calls from clients with just a few days to complete on a transaction, and who need to put new finance in place as a matter of urgency.

Residential bridge loans are also useful for people with long-term refinance already in place, but who need more time before their other lender is ready to provide it.

At Whitehall Capital we lend on a wide range of residential properties throughout England and Wales and are not restricted by off-the-peg lending criteria or confined by a pre-prescribed set of products; we hand craft each loan to make sure it meets the borrowers’ exact requirements.


If you are in business and looking to expand your commercial property, or to invest in a new building, you will be considering a wide range of financing options, looking for the best deals and opportunities.

You might be looking into unconventional buildings or land or be weighing other factors affecting your business choice. We understand these considerations, know how business works and appreciate that things are very often anything but straightforward. It is for that reason we will often consider offering commercial finance on properties and land where other lenders may not.

We offer first and second charge commercial mortgages for a wide range of businesses, from the well-established to the start-up (with the proviso that the firm has been trading for at least 12 months).


We are well-known for our expertise in development finance, having helped many property developers and investors to achieve their goals over the years. We ensure the right terms are in place for every project and provide expert support every step of the way, from the release of funds to final redemption.






Auction Finance

If you prove successful with your auction bid, things move quickly. You will need to pay a 10% deposit on the day and the full balance of the property within 28 days. Understandably, covering the full balance in less than a month is a big ask for most buyers. This is where short-term bridge finance comes in, helping to ‘bridge the gap’ until a longer term, buy-to-let or commercial loan can be secured.

Our auction finance lending options are designed to offer flexibility as well as speed and efficiency, helping buyers to bid with confidence, complete the process quickly and get on with their refurbishment plans.

Whether you are looking to generate more rental income or add value to your portfolio, our short-term auction finance bridge loans can usually be arranged in a matter of days.

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