Whitehall Charitable Loan Fund

As a responsible lender, we understand that you or your family can run into short term liquidity problems.  This is why we have set up the Whitehall Charitable Loan Fund (WCLF).

The WCLF loans substantial sums to help people through difficult times they may be facing.

The loans are interest free and have flexible repayment options. We will work with you to set up a plan that works for you.

We tailor the terms of each loan and fit repayment schedules to suit the needs of our borrowers.

Our loans can help facilitate towards a down payment when buying a home, provide assistance to persons starting their own business and to those with existing businesses who need help with cash flow.

As well as the above it also provides loans for people’s personal needs including assisting with children’s tuition as well as helping with utility bills and credit cards.

Please make sure that the below loan application form is completed in full and correctly.

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